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Tim Shiel
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Tim Shiel A stunning re-imagining of pre-modern 16th century choir music as post-modern a capella pop music. Stately old beauty meets digital otherworldly-ness. Favorite track: Hypersephone.
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released May 18, 2014

written, performed, produced & mixed by Becki Whitton
mastered by Nick McCorriston



all rights reserved


Aphir ACT, Australia

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Track Name: Hyding
no one will ask me who you are.
no one will expect you to exist.
suffice it to say you're a gentle weight in my chest, a little, uncomfortable warmth in my heart.

no one will accuse me of loving you and, even if they did, it wouldn't be true.
I have all I want, but there's just this one thing:

I've been dreaming up ways to be near you, I know it's wrong but it's true.

smile on me, take me in your sway.
preoccupy me, lead me astray and I'll make you up perfectly in my head, believe you much more than the sum of your parts.

I've been dreaming up ways to be near you, I know it's wrong but it's true.
I've been feeling out of place in the real world, feeling like giving in to you.
Track Name: Delta
if I met you in the vacuum of space, apart from time or place, would you still seem so perfect?

if I found you on the lip of saturn's ring, would anything come between us?

I know just what you're holding on to, but you told me I shouldn't believe this is the real you.

so, in some galaxy, be what you are, and I will be what I am, too.
and, if we like what we find there, I will stay with you.

if I sent you out into the dark would you, one day, hark back to me?
I wouldn't let you take any air to breathe - you'd have to live on your memory of me so I'll know you love me truly.
Track Name: Midsummer Eve
look up with your mind's eye wide and guess where the planets hide when they undress: when they peel their skins away like petals - oh! he loves me not, so won't you come and watch with me?

can you feel my fear in every breath? your smile is an omen of my death. in this restless moment I can't help but ruin everything if you stay close to me.

I can't speak of you to anyone, no I can't speak of us to anyone but you can't speak of this to anyone who'll trust to the ashes that fall from your mouth - first you won me over and now you've shut me out.

sit and watch the stars come when they're called, timidly at first but, then, more bold. you have been so cold and distant lately but I'll burn until you're warm again.

I can't help but follow you till heaven melts into hell.
I have died a hundred little deaths at the hand I love so well.
Track Name: Hypersephone
i'm wearing out.

this is the last you'll see of the best of me.

oh, i'm wearing thin
and i don't know how to begin fixing the mess i've let you make of me.

because your heart's dry and your heart's empty.
who i am can't inspire you to feel anything.
yes, your heart's dry - someone else has emptied you out,
but still you have to keep me close.

everything will still be beautiful
everything will still be beautiful
everything will still be
everything will still.
Track Name: Saturnid
if I had my way
no one would hurt you again but me
and I could crush all your feelings with a single word

but I'd never want to.

you are the death light I'm drawn to.