Ceci n'est pas une Pop

by Aphir

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during the process of trying to get better at writing pop songs I inevitably come up with stranger sounds and more abstract song structures that I love, but which don’t totally fit in that world. making this EP has been an outlet for a lot of music that I feel really proud of, and I feel so grateful that it’s been enriched by the contributions of four other artists whose work I truly love ♡
- B.


released January 2, 2019

pls check out the work of my collaborators here:

Dear Laika: dearlaika.bandcamp.com/album/rinzen
KAIAR: kaiarmusic.bandcamp.com/track/human
Happy Axe: happyaxe.bandcamp.com/album/dream-punching
ella guro: ellaguro.bandcamp.com/album/lp-zero

thank u to Mel Vallence (arrom.bandcamp.com/album/take-my-lymphs) for her album art shot x


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Aphir ACT, Australia

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Track Name: Mirror Garden (feat. Dear Laika)
Four million people in this town - still feels like you own me,
Like I’m under your thumb.

Hunching my shoulders, I creep round
I’ll never get lonely - you’re here to make me feel dumb.

Is it forward motion when I’m trying to get closer to you -
Are my bearings in line?
Not sure what I’m hoping for or where I’m going, but
I just say I’m doing fine.

One minute’s stillness weighs me down - not sure what I’ve outgrown yet,
No time to see where I’ve gone.

My best intentions run aground: if I can’t help you, I’m helpless -
You’re weak to make me feel strong.
Track Name: Soft (feat. KAIAR)
Let you off the hook again, but real forgiveness still eludes me -
I'll wait for things to settle down I guess.

No harsh words, I say it's fine, but I don't feel that all the time -
I push it down, I just want us to stay friends.

I chose this, I closed my lips: complicit in my own retreat,
I'm guilty cos I know I've been hiding in my softness

hiding in my softness.

If I tell you honestly, will you still be here when I'm finished?
If I knew then maybe I'd confess.

Everything in its right place - no, I don't like this situation:
Guess I just like confrontation less.

I chose this, I closed my lips: complicit in my own retreat,
I'm guilty cos I know I've been hiding in my softness

hiding in my softness.
Track Name: Nine Inch Spy (feat. Happy Axe)
When you can't see me, I'm misguidedly shut up here in my head:
inventing new hopes to hurt myself with,
uncurling my inherent worth - to measure it - and finding it falls short.

I have been a choir of sad voices, but aren't we all?

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